Sabtu, 16 Juli 2011

For people who frequently surf the Internet world, may have found a website that is not allowed to click the right mouse by installing a script from java script to post content can not be copied with right mouse click, it's really very annoying, as it seemed the website too keep posting can not be copied, while the post may be needed to complete school assignments.
But whatever they do to protect their posts so as not to be copied, in fact useless and futile course. Because after all still posting that they can be copied and stored in the files of visitors.

There are several ways to copy their website such as:

  1. Saving website to file an HTML form, how, on the brows-click the file menu, Save Page As, then they can be stored along with the website post them on our computer files and we can open it with off line method.
  2. By highlighting their articles and then press Ctrl + C, then paste it in Notepad, then the content of their posts already tercopy to our computers. especially when dipaste in Microsoft Word, then the entire contents of their posts following the pictures we can take into a word file.
  3. By using the Print Screen button, then paste it using Adobe Photoshop program or Pain brush and keep in shape *.tif file and then using the menu facilitating recognize text using OCR, and after the text use the menu Send text to Word.
  4. Disabling java script, which prevented the right-click using a mozilla firefox addons, the name of the program is RightToClick, please Download Here when they get out the message can not right-click, give flag on  "right click stop box" and click Ok, then you can use right-click the mouse.
  5. Can be done by "Disable JavaScript", in all browsers have this functionality. Please do experiments to find where the location information on the "Disable JavaScript", following a review explanation:

Disable JavaScript in Internet Explorer (IE) 
1) Open Internet Explorer (IE) 
2) On the Menu Navigation Click on: Tools - Internet Options 
3) Choose In: Security Tab - Custom Level 
4) Scroll Down until you find "Active Scripting" and click "Disable" 
5) Ok.

Disable JavaScript Mozilla Firefox 
1) Open Mozilla Firefox 
2) In the Navigation menu click: Tools - Options 
3) Then click: Content tab, Un-check "Enable JavaScript" 
4) Ok

Disable JavaScript Google Chrome 
1) In Google Chrome shortcut, right click -> Select Properties. 
2) In the textbox field "Targeted file", add "-disable-java" in the back. 

"C:\Documents and SettingsAdministrator\EQUALIZR\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" -disable-javascript


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