Kamis, 07 April 2011

Lelah install windows menggunakan cd rom? ingin yang praktis? tired huh...

Pakai saja software ini :

How to use it? How i could find this soft?

First, click the icon below, and download it :

password for *.rar is same as my blog's name :)), or look at the icon above and read it :))

if you already downloaded it, i give example :
Hey, we need image data for that ( ISO File ). How?
Okay, example you have Windows XP sp 3 Setup CD, and you need to change all data on the CD into ISO File, read HERE ( i've posted before ) HERE

Done ?
Okay, next we'll have file like this :
Open your ISO file that you've already made for, and mount it to virtual drive with ultra iso.
Now, lets start with Novicorp Win To Flash, open it. You'll see like below :

Set the windows source path to the label of your virtual drive, and set USB Drive of course on your Flash Disk label :

and run it, that's all. Wait for several minutes until finish. Blah Blah Blah..
Hey, set your first boot device to Removable Media in your Bios. Good Luck


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